Squash court


Building excellence

A squash player expects an accurate and sharp rebound. It would be very discouraging if the ball does not come back as calculated. . Stark sports  understands the importance of a good squash court infrastructure and works towards fulfilling this requirement.

Stark sports  is well-known in the market for providing high-quality Squash court wooden flooring. We provide timely services as per the required standard.

Superior play performance 

  • WSF approved
  • Kiln seasoned maple wood finish
  • Under Frame of fine quality pine wood runners with thick air cushioned pads
  • Subfloor treated with a vapour barrier
  • Multi-layer boards with a thickness of 12 to 16mm
  • Cross layering for more elasticity
  • Bedded on a rubber pad of 50 cm gap
  • Deep impregnation and rough sanding for anti-slip feature
  • Foil is used between upper layer and substructure to avoid creaking


Ancillary Works

  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Glass walls, doors and valuable storage compartments
  • Air conditioning/heating/ fire alarms
  • Court lighting control
  • Playlines
  • Front wall sounding board(Tin)
  • Armourcoat tin
  • Court markings
  • Light fixtures, lighting for glass-back courts
  • Adjacent and ceiling finishes
  • Tiered seating
  • Seating


Stark sports supplies all the necessary accessories and equipments required for a Squash court like line and wall markings, squash rackets, squash balls, etc.

Stark sports offers professional squash court construction, renovation and maintenance service. Our squash court flooring solutions are of excellent quality available at a very competitive price. Stark sports will install & supply World Squash Federation approved and indigenously developed infrastructure.

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Our commitment


We believe in fostering relationships with our clients . Our projects are a testament to our high level of commitment and  efforts we put .Our surfaces outlast  our competition while saving our clients money and providing excellent play speeds .We only use best quality certified imported acrylic material from internationally renowned companies .

Why work with us ?

Superior quality

Professional Team

Award winning team

   On-time delivery

And Many more

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What experience do you have?

    Our company was started in 2010 .we have been the segment leader delivery quality playing sruvfaces

    What kind of material do you use ?

    We give our customers according to their requirements .We import our synthetic materials from  Leading brands from North America and Europe .We only use ITF approved material on our surfaces.

    What are your prices ?

    Although it difficult to estimate project cost as final cost depends on a lot of factor, but out layering prices starts from 40 rs per square ft and can go as high as 190 rs per sq ft.

    Do you provide any guarantee ?

    Yes, We provide 5 years guarantee for our surfaces.  Although, we also advise proper maintenance procedure be followed for longer life .

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